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Mad as mountain goats!

May 21, 2018

Don’t be fooled when the book says coastal path! Yes it’s coastal, yes it’s stunning but the coast & the view are appreciated from a very high sheer climb…. even the goats thought we were mad! But that’s the Capricorn goat in me… if there’s a tough road to climb you can bet il be on it.

Fellow caminoites beware

The path is narrow & it’s a sheer rocky drop to the sea

Part of the climb was a clamber on all fours

& there was even a pass that requires the use of a rock rope! The drop is scary & not for the vertigo challenged. ( & me that could never climb on the rope frames in school without a friction hand burn & a sore butt from falling three feet to the ground 😂)

As I clung to the rope rucksack swinging precariously over the edge I suddenly felt glad I’d told my daughter Aisling were my will was….

But panic over thankfully we lived to tell the tale & now we’re safely tucked up in the convent de Trinidad in Laredo

Gentle nuns in traditional habit making us very welcome & inviting us to a blessing of all pilgrims … after today we needed it as Tony & I are really counting our blessings. 🙏⛰🙏 xx

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  1. Bernadette McMullan permalink

    Crazy people!!!! Stay safe x

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