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Cantabria beckons

May 20, 2018

Leaving a sleepy Pobena at 6.30am we walked with the sun rising over the Bay of Biscay a habitat to 24 species of whale but the fishermen we passed were seeking a lighter catch as the hunting of whales stopped in the 17th 18th century for fear of their extinction.

It was a beautiful coastal path into Cantabria & the town of Castro Urdiales but our arrival at 10.30 left us keen to walk further as the day was too young to hang up our rucksacks

Camino book checked El Pontarron de Guriezo looked like the spot. 12km sunshine & Sunday made for a perfect combo. So stocked up with sugary drinks & water we slipped out in front of the bullring & followed the coast west.

But walkers be warned the last 4km is beside a busy main road with little allowance either side for foot passengers. Add in the many Spanish cyclists we needed to keep our wits about us.

Arrived thankfully in one piece (very glad I’d stopped to say a prayer at a beautiful rock grotto near Minono for a safe journey)

we are now sitting in shade fat puffy feet elevated contemplating tomorrow’s journey. Our aim is to hug the coast as much as we can as one it offers spectacular views & two the gentle breeze cools us from the heat of the sun which arrived this morning & will hopefully remain with us for a few days….. relegating our ponchos to the deep recesses of our rucksacks πŸŽ’πŸŒžπŸŽ’xx

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