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Climb every mountain ⛰ but without Julie Andrews!

May 18, 2018

There’s only one word to describe today’s walk “Tough”!

As you can see it was 20 miles of very very sharp highs sharp lows followed by more & more & yet more highs!

We reckon in the twenty miles we had one mile flat…. & even that was covered in unforgiving stones lol!

To cope with today’s terrain tony & I trod our way up in companionable silence plugged into our iPhone shuffles … his playing Muse & AC/DC & mine Bon Jovi & Andrea Bocelli … each to his own 😂

🎼It’s my life 🎼 giving me the stamina I needed for the ascent while Andrea eased my sore legs gently down the sheer slopes & through the pretty vineyards that laced our entire journey.

Breaking up our trek pretty villages nestled in the Basque valleys…..Getaria Zumaia & Elorriaga. Hugging the waters edge they were a welcoming water & foot break for us weary travellers.

But all were to be left behind as we braved ourselves for another climb & another & another till we literally fell into Deba.

Settled into our train station albergue we changed & headed to the town square for much needed sustenance

7pm it was abuzz with young & old sitting around chatting laughing… not really doing anything but loving life!

Maybe that’s what makes Caminos worthwhile…. every ache & pain is forgotten as we soak up the wonderful atmosphere in a village that will never reach the pages of glossy tourist / travel magazines. No package tour will stop here…..

But that will be their loss! Xx 🤗🏃‍♀️🤗

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