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May 15, 2018

Travel has become the nightmare of many. Security checks & plastic bags the bane of most peoples lives…..

But I in a masochistic way quite enjoy this part of the journey. The buzz of bus stations & airports. The excitement & anticipation of the weeks ahead.

Granted I’m not too fussed on the 4.40am alarm call but when u look out the bus window on a warm sunrise over Ireland I wonder why I don’t set my phone for that time everyday 😂🌞😂

boarding passes …….. now that’s the bit can challenge the healthiest of blood pressures 😉…..

Priority boarding paid at time of booking to avoid rucksacks going into hold this should have been the easy bit but Tony was left bemused when I was seated in row 8 & him in row 32?

& him with empty seats either side of him?

Another €10 spent he now has the luxury of me chirping in his ear all the way to Biarritz … a move he may well come to regret lol!

Priority? I’m not so sure…… 😉xx

ps flight delayed …bit more people watching 🤗✈️🤗

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