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7 in 7

May 13, 2018

Am I mad? ….. maybe?….. probably!

7th Camino in 7 years!….. yes defo a wee bit crazy! My Instagram is filled with friends drinking cocktails under beach umbrellas ⛱ me I’m stuffing a grey gi-normous poncho into a teeny pocket in my rucksack, accu-weather a depressing read…….Camino Del Norte is presently under rain clouds with even the threat of thunderstorms.

So why u may well ask?………

Maybe it’s because I don’t do normal lol!

It’s the road less trodden

No news! No politics! No techno gadgets…no smart TVs I’m not smart enough to work….

For three weeks life becomes simple

Our most important worry will not be nuclear disarmament or Brexit but where to sleep, where to get desayuno with an extra large cafe grande & where to take foot breaks to avoid blisters….Though it wouldn’t be a camino without blisters. They’re your badge of honour.

Or maybe a Camino is just about taking timeout to remember.

2011 / 2012 I walked for my dad this time Tony & I will walk for his Mum

North Spain was the land of her childhood so maybe this is the best place to be on her 5th anniversary.

Walking the Way helps us to remember never to forget.

Meantime I’ve two days to pack a rucksack for all seasons & it’s only a 26l osprey so this should be fun

Buen Camino see you in Biarritz! xx

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