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Muxia & Meditation!

June 25, 2012

I woke to the sound of gulls & the smell of sea -air! Yes I’d made a good choice coming here. Finesterra is where everyone finishes their camino but me I picked Muxia. It has an un- spoilt feel which wraps itself around the small Marina, even smaller beach & of course the church on the rocks! 🙂 The bus here was a slow affair but was made enjoyable when a very handsome Spanish gent supporting a long dark ponytail asked if he could sit beside me…. Again girls it would have been bad manners to refuse even though there were only 5 of us on the bus. He was an artist from the Catalan region & like myself finished his camino today. Arriving late we searched out the new albergue. An excellent abode, warmly greeted by the kindest locals. Something that would continue throughout my 36 hr stay in Muxia. I felt so welcomed in this little corner if Spain, 🙂 Early morning I searched out breakfast & Sello the owner offered me a room in her home. A private room a bathroom & she would waken me early for the bus all fir 10 euro. A perfect last night in a perfect place! Settled in Rucksack dumped i headed to the church on the Atlantic rocks. There I left my dads last 2 roses, a sprig of lavender from “the way” & a little penny I’d saved for this moment. Placed on rocks near the waters rough waves I knew the sea would claim them as death had claimed my dad…. But I also knew the energy the sea left behind would always remain imprinted on the rocks forever! Here I said my spiritual farewell …. At the sea my dad loved. My Camino was now complete 🙂 It has been a journey! An adventure! A challenge! Full of heartbreak! Full of fun! Full of laughter. Full of tears. Living life from a rucksack, walking 20 miles daily to your next bed, sharing bunks & bathrooms with strangers & making friends! A, Carol, Marilyn, Kevin, Mario, Damon, Susanne, Nic, Lila, Martin & of course my Meseta angels Harry & Umberto who looked after me like a sister…. Choc for energy, betadine for infected blisters & freshly squeezed orange juice & cake set up when I could go no further. Without them I never would have made it through the Meseta. We were “The Way 2″ Without Nic I would never have made Ages & without Suzanne I’d have never sorted the real meaning of romance lol! I hope she finds here Camino romance. Romance for me wasn’t high on the agenda even though looking like a bag of spanners seemed to work lol! Dressed up in Belfast I don’t get a second look … Looking & smelling like a bag lady seems to do the trick here haha! 🙂 Homesick twice, heartbroken for my dad many times…I want to thank all of you for lifting me to my feet when my blisters wanted me to give up! Your texts e mails & phone calls of encouragement helped me through every hard kilometre. I know I would never have given up, but having you all with me kept me strong……:-) As the producer I wish to make it known that no buses were used in the making of this blog. I would like to thank my rucksack for always holding things together from behind the scenes. I would like to thank my sleeping bag for keeping the bed bugs away. I would like to thank my scarf for hanging around to dry my many tears & sweat & also doubling as a fly swot. I would like to thank my wrangler shorts for putting up with the daily abuse they endured. But most of all I would like to thank my oasics for not giving up. Coping with rain sun & storm, nurturing my blisters daily, for keeping tied up under extreme pressure & for taking much flack from those boots 0n the evening shelves who though they were inadequate for the job. :-). Tomorrow I head for home a little bit weary & worn like my oasics. But together we did it…. We walked 500 miles for my Dad & for The Friends Of the Cancer Centre! My Penny Mile Camino 🙂 just don’t ask me to walk it back lol! So now from my beach in Muxia sand filling my blisters il say Buen Camino for the last time! Thanks again for joining me on this great Adventure xxx in the words of my dads favourite crooner….” I did it My Way” xxx











  1. Ivan permalink

    Womderful final blog. A great conclusion. Safe home.

    Ivan xo

  2. Gerry Hanna permalink

    Hi Carol Ann

    Congratulations on making it. I really enjoyed the blog and enjoyed revisiting the various little towns and villages on route.

    Put those feet up and safe home.

    With best wishes


    • Thanx Gerry for all ur supportive e mails throughout, they really helped 🙂 as I said it was happy sad fun hard… It challenged me physically but I’m so pleased I did it. I think it will take time to process as I can’t even remember the earlier villages lol! I’m glad I kept the blog to remind me of everyone & every place. It was an adventure & like urself once u have done it the camino will always hold a very special place in your memory box of life. Thanx again for joining me ca xx

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Saw your link on Trip Advisor read your blog lovely, well done and I hope it helped with the pain you felt after loosing your Dad.

    • Thank you John. Yes it was good to do as a tribute to a very special person in my life… Difficult at times, painful at times but also fun too.
      I hope you will also do it if you haven’t already as its a fantastic experience x

  4. beth martin permalink

    hello Carol Ann. I am about to leave for Spain in 2 weeks. your blog has certainly gotten me very excited. Any way to contact you with a question or two?

    • Hi!
      Thrilled u found blog helpful
      Siri for Kate reply but just back from backpacking Oz Friday & only getting access to e mails
      Contact me either on here or my e mail

      U will have such a wonderful experience on so many levels!
      I hope to fit in a 2 wk walk this yr on the north route if possible!

      Any questions anytime! I’d be glad to help x

  5. Hi Carol Ann,

    I just read your entire blog in one sitting, it was really inspiring I don’t know how you coped with those blisters!

    My dad also died of cancer and this summer it will be 2 years since his death and I wanted to walk the Camino. I have been saving up for this but with uni deposits to save for also I wanted to ask what roughly you spent on on the Albergue and food whist on you Camino.Ive looked at various boos and website but they generally use US dollars.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated, though your bog has definitely given me many ideas and wisdom that will probably be useful when on the Camino.

    Thank you,

    Sojourner x

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. It would b a wonderful thing for you to do in the memory of ur sad!
      I lived very cheaply…. I was able to survive on 20 euro daily most days
      The municipal albergues were 5 euro private 8-10 euro but municipal usually very decent
      A pilgrim evening meal could b bought in most villages for 9 euro ; for two course & wine …. Not cordon Bleu but very enjoyable
      The rest I spent on breakfast & supermarket water bread & cheese to eat as I went along
      I’m not a drinker but I think u can even do this very reasonable
      The camino itself is Priceless!
      I hope u do & enjoy!!!!!
      Any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me x

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