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Penniless :-)

June 24, 2012

The cobbles are beneath my feet the Compostella throwing shade over the many pilgrims filling the square. I was anxious I wouldn’t be strong enough to face today alone…. But it’s ok. As I sit in the sunshine I am alone but I don’t feel lonely! things had happened which made me smile? Last night while I was sleeping a strange lady pilgrim nudged me gently & handed me 2 flowers… A yellow & a white one, why? I’m clueless? but smiling I tucked them into my rucksack this morning, then on the way out from the albergue a beautiful feather was in my path & finally in the coffee shop the TV was doing a piece about a cancer break through…. Yes signs everywhere lol! 🙂 I arrived at 8 am so was able to take it all in…. First I queued for my certificate. I felt so proud as I walked out clutching that little piece of paper. I have more important certificates at home but this was special. Most importantly I got it dedicated to my dad & secondly it confirmed I’d walked 500 miles in 24 days! Now il say it? . I really didn’t know if I could do it? I hoped i could but that was a big hope! But maybe it’s true… If you “believe”then anything is possible! 🙂 Now I’m waiting to join the pilgrim masses at a celebration mass. Earlier I had a private moment in the church for my Dad… A beautiful moment & I left him my last penny & all my love at the crypt of St.James. A year on from he left us, I just wanted to thank him for being my Dad! 🙂 Also sitting here in my bright yellow Friends of the Cancer centre t shirt I feel very proud …. Cancer didn’t kill me it made me do things I would never have got around too? Like walking 500 miles alone! And here I am watching a world go by I’ve been a part of for 25 days. Already I’ve been hugged by Scottish German & Austrians I met along “My Way” congratulating each others success, our shared experience… The Camino de Santiago! 🙂 Later i I will find a bus to Muxia to finish the spiritual path of this journey. I will go to where the wild Atlantic meets the Spanish coast & re- energise from it’s power.I’ve been in the mountains too long… I miss the sea! & secondly I don’t like Santiago… I can hear you gasp! Yes the beautiful cathedral was the end of my Camino but true to my favourite saying ” happiness is the journey not the destination”. In Santiago similar to Palis de Rei iI feel we the pilgrims are sometimes just an economic necessary nuisance to be put up with. Both places lacked the friendliness of the smaller towns so I will go to Muxia a little village to the West and take time to reflect on My Camino & close my blog! So get your buckets & spades we are heading to the beach to complete our journey. Least we are not walking!!! See you tomorrow for the final time xxx Buen Camino!







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