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Santiago … A day early!

June 23, 2012

I’d 38 km to cover to reach the outskirts of Santiago? I didn’t want to go to the cathedral till midday Sunday so my plan was an albergue on the outskirts. Well the actual outskirts lasts 12 km past airport etc. Like saying at Aldergrove you are in Belfast??? I looked longingly towards those planes & wished I could be on one tomorrow … But tues will have to do as they only fly to the emerald isle once weekly 🙂 I walked with a re- newed energy as the cobbles were within my reach! The blister now a balloon on my foot again had to be ignored along with the new knee pain from an altercation with a rock up the mountain yesterday. I was a woman on a mission. I had one penny left, a yellow ” friends of the cancer centre” t shirt to search out from the bottom of my rucksack & one new pair of socks for my special occasion. I had clean shorts but i feel i owe it to my wrangler ones to have that honour as theyve done this journay with me. ( please note theyve been washed three times, four if you count their soaking up the mountain lol) Tomorrow I will walk the last remaining mile to set my penny at the feet of St.James for my Dad inside the Compostella. For 499 miles I have set pennies down in memory of all those who died from cancer, but also those who have survived it ( of whom I’m one) now I’m inviting all of you to join my last “Penny Mile” …. The end of a long long long journey that started in St Jean Pied de Port… Through the Pyrenees, the Basque country, la Rioja country, the long Mesata, the Galacia region & now Santiago ( a day early lol!) so now I’ve to go shower & prepare to pay tribute to “my Dad” see you all tomorrow & we will even catch the swinging incense! A ritual to clense all pilgrims but I think it was to kill the smell of us lol! & if I don’t find a shower soon I think they will swing it my way Twice xxx BuenCamino!





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  1. Gerry Hanna permalink

    Hi Carol Ann

    Congratulations on making it this far. Those last 100 km are very hilly. Enjoy the last few miles and enjoy the arrival in Santiago tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and the incense. Have really enjoyed the blog. Chat soon and For the last time on this route, Buen Camino!


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