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Polpo & Wilks!

June 23, 2012

Still happy from Gunthers hug I left Palis de Rei and didn’t look back. As the day warmed I peeled of layer by layer to my vest top ( not the tie dyed one) Crossing a quaint bridge into Melide the church bells were ringing & the smell of freshly cooked tortilla wafted in the air. An open fronted cafe called to me & minutes later I was tucking in. One mouthful gone a Spanish “Cat Stevens” lookalike asked could he join me…. Looking around there were empty tables but as it was his country I felt it would be rude to refuse lol! Very tasty … The tortilla of course haha! But I peeled myself away after a half hour of craic as I was on my solo crusade…. Pity lol! His words “il see you in Santiago” catching my ears as I rounded the corner. 🙂 Melide was a lovely town, all hustle & bussle with people tucking into polpo ( fried baby octopus) it made me think of my granny Meleady ( same pronunciation) & her boiling wilks collected from the Rosglass rocks for us to eat ….. Neither tempted my taste buds then or now …. But I spent a few happy kilometres reminiscing over my granny 🙂 today I decided to stop at Arzua. Give my new blisters a chance to stop jumping. The albergue was perfect! Clean single beds central location so I had my shower & watched the world go by in the town square! I was getting to quite like my new hobby…. think il trade walking for people watching when I go home lol! In fact I don’t think il even walk to the bottom of my garden ever again :-). Buen Camino! Xxx ps look at. Pics… It’s amazing what some people carry in their rucksack?? Lol!… A cute wee bundle!





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