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Saved by a milky bar!

June 22, 2012

Thursday i left Barbadello early smelling of washing powder! My rucksack packed tight with clean tie dyed clothes… Well one wash fitted all … So now I look very Boho & earthy in my multi coloured vest top? Palis de Rei was the place I aimed to put my head tonight but it was a daunting 43 km. 20 km later at Portomarin drinking coffee having just suffered both vertigo & sea sickness crossing it’s extremely high bridge I still felt it manageable. But then I had an attack of a marathon runners wall. My wall fell on me at about 33 km so I decided to check out places to stay nearby. Now as I was smack bang in the middle of a forest this was fairly limited….. Place no1 as I was followed up the rickety staircase by a toothless woman, the Eagles “Hotel California” started ringing in my ears… I left in such a hurry I near took her bannister with me. 2nd place… I heard the 2nd verse lol! So I walked on through the lonely forest & a toothless gent slowed up beside me in an old banger van…..oh no she had sent her son! Never mind ” u can check out anytime.. But u can never leave”? I was now a bit part in the “hills have eyes”… I returned a half smile & walked quickly on ….suddenly another 10 km to Palis de Rei seemed a good idea after all lol! 🙂 by now my new blisters were jumping, I was exhausted, homesick & beside myself. I’d hit my Wall head on! I was booked in to the Albergue by a grumpy lady then went to supermarket and was served by another grumpy lady. Perfect… I didn’t want to be here… & they didn’t want me to be here so we were equal! Feeling completely knackered I sat outside holding back the tears then I heard my name. Looking up to a high wall above I saw Gunther a mature german gent from an albergue a long long long time ago. He came down & gave me a big fatherly hug .. My response to soak his shirt with tears! Leaving each other he said my father would be so proud. My smile came back! Camino magic! When you feel like quitting something will happen to keep you walking! So instead of giving up i sat down in the town square and ate a whole large milky bar wrapping myself in its comforting taste. Tomorrow I will walk towards Santiago smiling & I will leave my heavy heart in Palis de Rei with the unhappy people? Buen Camino xxx






One Comment
  1. Fiona Lennox permalink

    Nearly there, keep strong, you’re a star 🙂

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