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Bread jam & crystals!

June 21, 2012

Today as I packed my rucksack to leave Fonfria Martin waited on me, but I knew I needed to walk this last 100 miles alone marching my own drumbeat to Santiago. On explaining this to him along the road he tucked a white flower from the bank into my rucksack & we parted. I needed to reach the cobbles alone with my dad. 🙂 Starving I stopped for breakfast in a little cafe high in the forest. There I met two pilgrims doing the camino on donkeys. A cute means of transport but I’m sure the logistics were a nightmare? A bunk for me & a bunk for my donkey please?? 🙂 Having spent yesterday going up the hills of Galacia today I’d now to get myself down them? Though it did throw in a few more “ups” between the “downs” but I had it more or less to myself as I walking eating ” my piece” …. a big chunk of bread & jam washed down by water from the forest fountain…. Perfect! Apart from nearly losing my front teeth to the crust! 🙂 following the yellow arrows through farms & fields saying quick hello’s to the cows on passing, I saw a sign for a crystal centre… 1km wrong direction? But sometimes you have to go that extra mile ( or kilometre in this case) for something really special! Walking the wrong direction i was met by a haven of crystals, artworks & a prayer meditation room within an olde Spanish farmhouse. Warmly welcomed I was shown around then I was left alone to meditate in the beautiful prayer room & though not feeling sad large silent tears dropped to the stone floor. Then I was invited to share food round a big scrub table & invited to stay for their solstice celebrations tonight. Explaining my time limits they asked me to write down my wish on their paper discs & tie it to their wishing tree for later. What an honour! Hugging as I left Antonio the owner bade me wait … He went to his large work bench chose a crystal & gave it to me with both hands round mine! A crystal “filled with life & happiness” he said! I left tearful yet smiling clutching my stone 🙂 later meeting two Australians who had also gone there today… They got no food,no solstice invite & no stone? What was written on my wish disc ….. Believe Hope Dream! & my wish to walk in Happiness! A special place, special people, a very special memory! Now in an albergue in Barbadello I tuck my crystal into my rucksack. Looking outside rain is now pouring down but somehow I don’t think it will dampen their Solstice spirit! Buen Camino xxx













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