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June 19, 2012

German Martin came to my door to wake me just before six but I was ahead of him hunting for my sleeping bag cover..which had somehow secreted itself in the waste bin? He said he would keep me company to Villa Franca where he was meeting a Spanish friend. Coffee & chat carried us closer & closer to our goal. Along the way he picked ripe cherries from the trees to feast on between coffees. They were perfect … Juicy & ripe to nibble on as we clocked the kilometres through sleepy small villages not yet ready to face the day 🙂 lunchtime Villa Franca was in the distance when he said he would continue with me to Santiago as he knew how important my goal was. Not wanting to change his plans I discouraged him but he said he would pace me to the cobbles like a guardian angel! Maybe he was right. Maybe I needed a distraction from the sadness and he had arrived at the right time. So together we headed for Trabadelo! Our chat like the landscape very varied. His young sons leukaemia, chemotherapy & alternate medicines. Stocks & Shares. The madness of Hitler. To what his mum made from the cherry trees in her garden. He was right, he was a good distraction! & he made spaghetti tonight for a few of us in the albergue So win win all round lol! 🙂 tonight i settle into my sleeping bag in the knowledge I’ve only 170 km left to do? Almost as my Dad would have said ” a short stretch of the legs”! Nite nite everyone as I’m pretty tired …. Meanwhile tighten up your walking boots for Santiago here we all come!!! Buen Camino xxx










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