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June 19, 2012

Sunday I rose at 5 am with two reasons in mind? One to reach the cross at Ferro for sunrise & secondly I was the only female in a room with nine men. All gentlemen I’m sure but still I was well outnumbered. When I arrived at the albergue I was told I was getting the last bed… I didnt think to ask anymore lol! So an early escape to dress & wash in private was a must… As we all shared the same bathroom too!! 🙂 I walked through the new dawn rising over the Galacia mountains, catching the moon as it went asleep. A beautiful eerie sight. At the cross I left the rose I had carried for 18 days & my heart shattered as I set it with everyone else’s pain, grief & wishes. So many stones so much sadness… Hopes & dreams piled high to the iron cross. I was alone for a while then 3 Frenchmen arrived asking me to take their picture. They re-ciprocated … Me with my puffy eyes …….now to Ponferrada. 🙂 the day was beautiful as I made my customary coffee & foot-breaks greeting my now familiar Caminoites along the way. I had intended walking further but I now let my feet decide. They stopped at Ponferrada.. I stopped at Ponferrada! But at least in an all girl room & an all girl shower. Martin from Germany whom I’d had small talk with asked would I join him for pizza & wine. Not a bad idea as we were both tiring of the pilgrim meals. 🙂 as a rule I don’t drink red wine but as it was my dads tipple & this was his day I raised my glass to his memory…” To my Dad” & the pizza was good too. 🙂 I was learning to smile again… Probably aided by the 2nd glass of wine? So tired I tucked myself in my bag feeling it was a good day! & it got even better when my mum sis & brother phoned! I got to share out fathers day with them! A perfect end to a day my Dad would have enjoyed! 🙂 though not sure he’d have been impressed with the house red lol! Buen Camino! Xxx ps I’ve only 202 km to walk!!!! Don’t know in miles as I’ve gone all metric lol! …. But outta the original 850km it’s not a lot? X













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