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3 blogs in 1!

June 19, 2012

The joy of climbing into the Galacia mountain range is modern technology hasn’t arrived…..(along with no shops, not even a shelf in someone’s front room! They must live off the cherry trees??) But hey tonight I starve but they have Internet??? So now you are getting my blog overload lol! πŸ™‚ I’m sitting looking out at the mountain range that I’ve just spent 8 hrs climbing….. On & on & on! But earlier any sense of cursing it’s never ending “up” was soon silenced when I saw a man pulling his life on a wheeled affair behind him…. Omg there’s always someone worse off than u! As my feet lightened their step to the top. πŸ™‚ but it was worth every puff, pant & possible heart attack when i saw nestled 1400 metres up thee most pretty village “O Cebreiro”! Walking through a cloud which surrounded it I hunted out the little chapel & left a special candle burning for my dad on what would have been his birthday. Usually it was a pair of boat shoes & polo top from Marksies. Always the wrong size but he never said. πŸ™‚ Then I joined my two Hungarian friends & german Martin for lunch & our daily footbreak! I’m still holding the prize for the worst blisters but the others were now catching up…. Even Martin who has run 25 marathons fell foul to the wee blighters. Today mine actually behaved. No compeed no betadine!!! I think they know they’re nearly home. By my now daily calculations I’ve 101 miles to Santiago cobbles. I’ve five days to walk so I’m looking good for my goal!!!! Now I’m sitting on my bunk in a room shared by 40 awaiting the shower… I know most of you think I’ve died & gone to hell but actually where I’m sitting looking out the window I think it’s a wee bit of heaven πŸ™‚ & I’m eating my last bar of chocolate bought during my Astorga supermarket binge ( just as well as galacians don’t appear to eat up here in Fonfria?) so life can’t get much better eh! Well maybe some clean clothes, new socks & a hot bath would go down well?…& to smell nice? I can’t remember what it’s like to smell nice? … Now my turn for the shower. See you all tomorrow wi fi permitting? But really I’d prefer a supermarket… No offence lol! Xxx Buen Camino!














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