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Remember never to forget!

June 17, 2012

Saturday afternoon I have arrived in Foncebadon high in the Galacia mountain range. It was a beautiful walk through villages adorned with rose covered buildings. Though rains & wind blighted the last 8 km. I decided to stop here today after only 27 km as I wanted to be at the great iron cross “La cruc de Ferro” tomorrow for Fathers Day. πŸ™‚ Last night I slept with a heavy heart. This week coming will be the beginning of the end of my journey. I will be walking towards the last day of the saddest year of my life & I’m not sure what to do with that? This week will be daunting on so many levels. Physically & mentally mustering the strength to finish a walk I started a long knackering 17days ago. Though somehow the prospect of this doesn’t challenge me as much as the emotional task? Tomorrow Fathers day for the first time in my life without a father. Then his birthday on the 19th & finally next Sunday the 1st anniversary of his death. I wished I could be granted “one wish”? That when I arrived on the cobbles of Santiago next Sunday he would be there to wrap his arms around me & give me one last hug….. But that was a wish that could never be, I knew I would face those cobbles alone… so instead sadness filled the emptiness in my heart. I tried to sleep… But my pulsating aching feet also stopped my slumber. Maybe my heart was now well & truly in my boots for the week ahead 😦 Waking Saturday to a new day & clean socks for my fat feet I checked my phone & had 2 e mails from my sons cheering me on & a txt from my daughter “Smile no1” I was bid a Buen camino by the albergue owner, who last nite carried my rucksack 3 flights to my bunk bed… Much to the annoyance of a german lady lugging hers ahead of us….smile no2! Out on the road plugging in my I pod Phil Collins started singing “you’ll be in my heart” My tears washed the camino. Then I looked along either side of the path ….. Both verges were covered in yellow gorse & purple lavender my Dads 2 favourite plants. Smile no4! Signs were everywhere! I dried my tears & realised I didn’t need to wait to Santiago for my hug ….Smile no5! πŸ™‚ So this is not a week for sadness but a week for celebration! Celebrate my Dads life as a father, grandfather & now a great grandfather to beautiful baby Roise! so now I’m getting my bits & bobs ready for the iron cross…. A rose from his garden. A stone from the Cavehill. A penny from my penny-mile camino pot & a smile! πŸ™‚ Buen Camino! Xxx





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  1. Mynhardt Potgieter permalink

    Good evening,

    We have a friend in common…Sue…even though I only shared a bunk bed in Pamplona, the shared joy of walking the Camino is enough to forge any friendship…

    I’ve read a few pages from your blog and you have touched my heart. I pray and hope that you have found the peace and acceptance you set out to find and that you will be blessed in ways that will astonish you.

    I still have two thirds of my Camino to go…not enough days leave to do it all in one go and see the family over Christmas, so I’m hoping to return next year and finish…

    Anyway, I’m rambling.

    Your words are food for the soul…

    Stay blessed!


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