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Last of the big ones!

June 15, 2012

I knew today was a daunting task? 43 km on my feet was not ideal but I set my target on Astorga! I needed to get to it if I was going to make Santiago by next Sunday. :-). I left the convent quietly while others slept & made my way to the first yellow arrow. The road had two choices one beside a busy road & the other through the fields & fields of young corn not yet knee high. I chose the solitary path & enjoyed 43 km of solitude. I immersed myself in the nature around… Not as beautiful as Ireland but the isolation gave time for contemplative thoughts. But it also gave time for song? ‘Bring me sunshine’ by Morecambe & wise was my mantra for quite a few km & for “whatever” reason ‘tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ lasted “too” many more kms. I didn’t like it first time round & my rendition did nothing to change my opinion 🙂 the first 25 km slipped by at a steady pace but with the heat of the midday Spanish sun my now swollen feet left no room for my blisters so the next 18 were frequented by four shoe breaks. At 39 km the church of Astorga could be seen in the distance… A sight that somehow made me keep going when all I really wanted to do was lie in a ditch 🙂 so now I abode in the pretty village/ town of Astorga. My top bunk has my sleeping bag un- rolled, I’m showered & I’ve done my nightly hobble around the town square for a nosy! Other pilgrims are easily spotted on two counts… Their painful gait & their sock line of tan. Not to mention their supermarket bag of goodies! I must be on an all time sugar low as my bag has “5” large bars of chocolate! a giant bag of strawberry things! and a large bottle of strawberry milk shake… Well after 43 km I think my body could do with a wee treat… So now I’m away to make a pig of myself 🙂 See you all tomorrow! Buen camino xxx











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  1. Jim permalink

    Enjoy your wee treat I reckon you deserve it!!!

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