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To Leon & beyond!

June 14, 2012

Thyrsday 14th Day 15! Another convent another bed & it’s in La Virgin del Camino lol! I’m saying nothing! Today i left Religios early to get through Leon before lunch & before my left foot had wakened! It didn’t work … After coffee my limp returned to slow my walking pace. I fell back from Harry & Carlos who joined us last night, knowing id catch them at Leon cathedral in the old centre. Two hours later I was thinking what cathedral?? I yet again had got myself well & truly “lost”… This time in Leon! I was so chuffed with reaching Leon I had followed two rucksacks & not the yellow arrows! Big mistake!!!! They went into a hotel. I wandered around & found a bullring but that wasn’t a whole lot of help! Then I used my 2 wks Spanish & asked direction. Similar to Ireland no two were the same so I was going round in circles… Unless Leon has three bullrings? Lol! Eventually five men got into deep debate on my behalf … One even walked me out to the road…. I was on my way again! A little bit weary from being lost so long…. it had eaten into my time, my energy & my left foot. but on the BIG plus side I’d made Leon. & no doubt I will catch up with my new chums over the next day or two as we are all going the same direction…. Well unless I get lost again lol! 🙂 today I celebrate! I have completed 300miles from leaving St Jean pied de port two Thursday’s ago & now I’ve only 200 left to walk….. I can’t believe I’ve just said “ONLY 200” lol! But from where I’m standing that’s not a lot! The Mesata can now be ticked off with the Pyrenees, the Basque & la Rioja! I think I’ve amazed myself that I’ve come so far in 15 days… so now I’m walking my very sore feet around the grass garden at the convent & it feels sooo good! Though don’t think I’m quite ready to walk the entire camino barefoot like the young hippie lad I past today! mad or impressive? Take ur pick! 🙂 Buen camino… Stick with me we are nearly there haha! Xxx







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  1. You are doing fantastic Carol Ann, thank you so much-we are so proud of you! Well done and keep up the great work!! Staff at Friends of the Cancer Centre 🙂

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