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Forever & Ever!

June 14, 2012

Much as I tried I couldn’t get my frizzy curls into a veil so I pulled the large door of St. Benidicts convent behind me & joined Umberto & Harry on the now quiet streets of Saragun. A fiesta had ended just an hour or two earlier but the dregs of the merriment could still be seen around. Coffee set us up for the notoriously “soul less” section of the Meseta. Warned to take supplies & plenty of water we braced ourselves for what lay between us & Leon …. Nothing!! 🙂 Before 9 o clock we were cooking our fantasy meal as we walked. I was making the starter, crab and lobster served on a cucumber mousse & bed of rocket. Umberto served up the perfect Italian lasagne with aubergine salad as the main while Harry cooked a queens pudding with melted jam & custard. Then we chose our fantasy place to eat it.. Mine a White beach in Donegal. Umbertos on an island of Venezuela & Harrys beside a river in Catalonia. Funny how none of us picked a city as we walked through this wilderness? Another coffee later & a catch up & photo shot with Pierre we walked in companionable silence listening to our I pods. But no amount of music distracted from the hot boredom of the never ending Roman road… It went on & on forever! The Galicia mountain range a mystical illusion in the distance. I didn’t dare tell my left foot that was where it had to take me, because by now it was dragging 1 km behind the rest of me in a distinct limp. My blister had decided to grow it’s own bacteria … A huge drawback when said foot has 210 miles still left to cover. Stopping frequently to dress it from all concoctions out of Umbertos bag it managed to keep up with it’s matching leg for 30 km. By now I had dropped well behind my pacer buddies but Harry would stop every so often for me to do catchy- up. I think he was also struggling with the boredom of this part of the Mesetas. Km after km no church towers, no town, no people. A forgotten part of Spain except for those daft enough to walk it with a rucksack? & those even dafter with an infected foot??? Then salvation! Leon could now be seen a short distance away but by now my left foot decided to protest. It wasn’t going any further. In Religos it stopped & in Religos it stayed…. So no point the rest of me leaving without it. Leon lunch tomorrow it is! 🙂 x Buen Camino!




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