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Benidictines Baths & Buddies!

June 13, 2012

Day 13 unlucky for me! I woke with a heavy homesick heart. The 3 rd day off the Masetas awaited my sore feet. The fact I’d only half to do felt more “half empty than half full glass” which is never my philosophy. But I dug deep dressed myself inside my sleeping bag , as I was sharing my space with 3 Spanish cyclists….. One 2 ft away….& in a nunnery lol! Sr. Charles would be turning in her grave! …. Her teaching being never wear shiny shoes as the boys might see your underwear. I think she would have been proud of me as I appeared out from my sleeping bag with everything on but my rucksack. At long last? Something my schooldays taught me! 🙂 I decided to cheer myself up walking with a bit of music & had to chuckle when Michael Bubles”s “I want to go home” was the first tune! It was to be 17 km of the cold windy Mesetas before my first coffee, I was dropping in mind, body & spirit so it was great when Umberto & Harry caught up with me. We had meandered past each other with pleasantries a few times yesterday from leaving St.Nicolas”s but today we fell into conversation. Harry from Brighton who hoped to settle in Spain with his wife & Umberto who today like myself was feeling homesick for Sicily his wife & his 2 children. He was also Day 13? 🙂 Together like bit parts in the movie “the Way” we put the world to right. Discussing the Spanish civil war, the Irish troubles, the middle east conflict….Oh & the tellytubbies… Both avid fans lol! 🙂 where we would stop for our next coffee was also high on our agenda as i soon discovered I was not the only one to obsess over eating! Food took up a lot of our thinking, the coffees coming & going as fast as the 44 km to Saragun. While Leon on the signpost saying 65 km was a very welcoming sight. Our chatter had helped the day go un- noticed & Harry helped to pace Umberto & I when we faded as he had been on the road longer from deeper in Spain & had gone through his low days a bit earlier. But his distance was nothing like Pierre from Belgium who virtually ran past us a few km outside Saragun? He left Belgium walking on March 16th. Now unshaven & long haired he looked like a “real” pilgrim. A man who blended with the Mesatas. A man at one with nature. A man who carried the smallest rucksack. A man famous for his snoring lol! So we based our Albergue decision on the direction he took? We took the opposite!! So here I am again in yet another nunnery!! & being parted from a few euros more I have a single room with a bathroom. Heaven in St Benedicts. A hot bath to melt my feet, a charger plug not taped over & I can get dressed standing up. So today mite be the 13th but my 13th has gone & I’m ready to take on once again the mighty Meseatas with a smile! So in the words of the great Buzz lightyear …. To infinity & beyond! But Leon would do? Buen Camino! Xxx





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  1. Seán permalink

    Well I’m glad that day is over for you, a wise friend once told me ‘onward and upward’ (over a glass or three of Amarula overlooking a peaceful South African sunset) so it’s never more applicable than on a day like that.

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