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Singing Nuns!

June 12, 2012

Monday 11th I’ve now reached my half way point! I think I’m on target but I’m too tired to work it out lol! The Mesatas is a tough enduring trek. Endless miles of nothingness broken up by pretty villages like Boadilla del Camino, Fromista, Poblacion de Campos & Revenga?? Good name as by now I felt the Mesetas was revenging me for all the wrong doings of the world! πŸ™‚ Walking I now find I get obsessed with two things in life?… Not as others, challenging the meaning of life? Finding themselves? Losing themselves ( though I do achieve that geographically) seeking questions seeking answers? Finding love? No, my depth is as shallow as a puddle! Where I get my first coffee & secondly when il get my oasis off? I now dream of that first coffee & today was such a treat in “en el Camino” … I didn’t know whether to drink it r drown in it, the cup was so big & a tortilla with cheese oozing out from every layer!! Yes! I’d fallen in love in Spain!!! With an omelette & Edwardo the sweet owner wasn’t bad either lol! A must stop for any weary traveller. πŸ™‚ sustained to tackle the Mesates to Carrion del Condes I now pondered where to escape my oasis’s? The singing nuns won my smelly feet! Santa Maria convent I was greeted by Spain’s answer to the Sound of Music. What was worse I even found myself tapping my fat swollen feet to their songs lol! Life in a habit mite be worth considering…. But being tune-less mite go against me? πŸ™‚ So this knackered walker with the skin now like a rhino, hair like a wind-bush with bad roots, dressed in weary gear with feet like quasi laid her head down with the nuns! They’d finally got me… & I was too tired to put up a fight πŸ™‚ Buen half camino! love Sr Carol Ann. No! Doesn’t really work… Does it lol! Xxx







  1. Gerry Hanna permalink

    Hi Carol Ann

    I remember staying in Carrion Del Condes. If you get a chance look up our blog at:

    Keep up the pilgrimage, walking and singing!


    • Thanx Gerry for your encouragement & support! It’s that which helps me put my fat feet into my osasics everyday! X ps at least u could sing with the nuns in Carrion lol! Gonna check ur blog c what perils lie ahead of me :-))

      Sent from my iPhone

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