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Santa Claus came early!

June 11, 2012

Sunday 10th! The harsh Mesetas threw everything it had at me today. First the gales & storm with Lila, then a 1500m high mountain, followed by vast fields & fields of emptiness in scorching heat. My water was in very short supply and I seemed to be sharing this road with no one but a seasoned pilgrim going the opposite direction? On the road i passed a grave to a pilgrim… I’m surprised out here there’s only one! 🙂 But then an oasis in the wilderness appeared! A 13 th century church now home nightly to 12 pilgrims. I made 13…. A bakers dozen! Offered a mattress on the floor of the altar I couldn’t resist. Sleeping beneath the cloaks of Caminoites of olde & sharing a dinner by candle-light as the building had no electricity sounded like a good plan. But first an old ceremony was performed… The washing & blessing of the pilgrims feet. Thankfully id had my shower & dressed my blisters as it ended with a kiss on the feet. The candlelight supper which followed was so beautiful. Good food shared in chat with an English fireman, An irish farmer, Umberto from Sicily & a French girl from France until it was time for me to bed down on my altar. Surrounded by old church walls that had seen so many pilgrims come & go I just hoped in the dead of night they didnt decide to return lol! Or St.Nicolas for that matter? ….. Ahhh sure everyone knows he only comes back on the 24 th December lol! So I zipped myself into my bag & hoped for the best!!! Buenos tardes xxx









One Comment
  1. Gerry Hanna permalink

    Hi Carol

    Your blog is brilliant. I am recalling many happy moments Suzie and I had on the Camino and love the photos. Hope the blisters are holding up. Enjoy every moment and keep blogging.

    Buen Camino!!!


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