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Pligrims & Plastic Bags

June 10, 2012

Left Ages well fed & watered to Burgos where Nic & I parted ways. he to a rest day in Burgos me on to Rabe. But I did part in the full knowledge of how NOT to get killed by a Big Grizzly & how a moose will take off for weeks at a time to find bark & berries in the forest 🙂 Burgos I settled myself for coffee & the biggest choc croissant I could find! Only to be invaded by the beautiful people of Burgos heading to a big wedding in the cathedral. I felt like a grubby thumb flicking thru the cover of a glossy magazine! I looked down at my bag lady attire & over to their Armani suits & Dior dresses…. Now I know how Cinderella felt. But Burgos was a beautiful city & as I sat viewing all the goings on I heard squeals & my name from the far side of the plaza. Suzanne & Carol running up for a greeting of old friends. A 36 hr friendship to an outsider looking like forever friends! 3 bag ladies together! 🙂 more farewell hugs I left for Rabe alone. A beautiful village nestled on the outskirts of the Mesetas. A beautiful albergue found i was ready to dump my rucksack. But never judge a book by it’s cover? Pilgrims were treated like contaminated goods. My rucksack was bagged up in plastic, my clothes I was wearing relegated to another bag. The owner Informing me a Belfast hospital had an outbreak of bed bugs 3 yrs ago….. That she read the papers!!!! Now feeling solely responsible for the beg bug plague of north Spain I headed for the shower under her watchful eye. Too tired to care that my life fitted into 2 plastic bags I sought out a plug to charge fon…. They were all taped! So to bed & plan my early escape. Next morning at 5am I was not alone….a Danish girl Lila & I jumped ship together laughing all the way into the Mesetas about the witch of Rabe! 🙂 Her company was warm & welcoming as the Mesetas were harsh & long…. Gales wind & rain making our journey all the tougher! It was un- relenting for 15 km but we chatted easily about Denmark & Ireland & FOOD …….as we had made our escape without breakfast! The thought of coffee reaching obsessional level before too long lol! Suddenly we heard church bells, the sun winked from behind a cloud & we were soon finishing our 2 nd coffee & tortilla to sustain us for anything the Mesatas will throw at us this afternoon? Buen Camino! Xxx 🙂 oh & before we left our table a French camino gent came over & gave me a beautiful red rose!






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