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Buddha & Brick Wallls

June 9, 2012

Today it’s 6.30 & I’m still tucked up inside my sleeping bag. I’ve hit my wall so me & Buddha contemplate the meaning of life in Ages! Ages the little village that took Nic & I ages to get too … Though I did learn so much about Canada on our journey. Yesterday Suzanne & I wound him up that it was only famous for celene dion & maple syrup…. But really in a quiet way it has so much more from it’s French speaking Quebec to it’s Rocky mountains or the Newfoundlanders that talk like me….. Maybe the Irish like me who got lost! Taking a right turn at the statue of liberty instead of a left 🙂 and Its now taking me ages to get up and leave Ages as I’m tired today, my body aches from the rucksack & my raw foot is worse now it’s lost it’s bubble jacket. But Burgos is calling by the end of today …. A landmark on my journey. The vast Meseta dry, desert flat lands to follow, then the region of Leon to Santiago. Now maths not being a strong point it’s not dividing kms v’s days? (when I get home I want my mum to hunt out my old school reports till I discover what I “did” learn from my 7 yrs with the the Dominicans) I suppose I know all about the wars of Spain from my history, the ancient burials from my archaeology, the roman invasions from my ancient history & I could even quote Browning Keats & Wordsworth like in the Clifford T Warde Home thoughts from Abroad song while meandering up hills and thru dales. But all that ain’t much good to me when I’m lost on the plains of Spain & can’t speak a word of the lingo….. I wonder will Fortwilliam take me back when I go home as a very mature student 🙂 so Buddha & me decide to have a slow start today outta Ages & take time to figure where I’m going & how I get there? Bit like Valdivof I met in the room last night…he left London to do the Camino then head to china and ramble outer Mongolia working with horses? As u do! As he was twisted in lotus pose on the floor in front of Nic & i he said he wanted to find what was between his heart and his ear? Very tempted in my Irish sarcasm to say his neck! … I refrained, as I knew “really”what he meant. He wanted to listen to his heart & it’s messages. Not a bad wish for the Camino. Yesterday Susanne wanted to find a heart filled with love & Valdivof wanted a heart filled with meaning? On “The Way” I hope they find it 🙂 maybe they’ll bump into each other & it will become “meaningful love” 🙂 so now for the biggest Camino breakfast in Ages lol! Gone the daily cafe con leche with croissant & in came the double egg bacon & double freshly squeezed orange juice! If this lot runs thru me in the next hour I’m in trouble haha! Then goodbye Buddha Hello Burgos! …. C u all later! ….. Buen camino! Xxx




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