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The bells quasi… The bells! :-)

June 7, 2012

I wake to the 5 am bells in the nearby church tower. A sound that transports me back to childhood when my sister & I would sit in our pyjamas on my mums windowsill watching all the pretty ladies in their Jackie O hats follow the bells to evening church. Though it must be said some put theiir Sunday table centre on the top before they left the house! 🙂 looking across my cell mate has already departed. A Korean girl married to a pot smoking Parisian who were going to live in an island of the Latin American coast teaching scuba diving when she finished her camino. Her & I spent two great hours deep in chat before lights out at 8.45. Conversation began with the mandatory comparing of blisters. I won!!!…. as she took a pic of my left foot to send to Korea & France! Foot fame at last! Lol! But getting that said same foot into my left shoe was becoming a daily agony …. But once in & a few limps later my dear oasis friends took over and nursed them thru the miles ahead 🙂 today I set my sights on Granon as the Albegue was the floor of a church. So getting my left limp into sync with my right foot I headed thru the now softer landscapes of.Spain. More Wicklow mountain than the Donegal terrain I was leaving over my shoulder. A pit stop in Cireuna took me thru quite the saddest landscape of all? For 10 mins i walked thru a towns dream that was now a wasteland of empty houses & rows & rows of empty apartment blocks. More eerie than any forest id walked, it was the graveyard of recession. Planned no doubt in the boom of the 90″s the children’s swings hung silent. No noise, no laughter, no children! 🙂 Now fed on tortilla potata & cafe grande having my daily chat with a fellow caminoite. Also so from Spain. I spoke all four words I knew & I think he confused me as fluent!! Lol! My tortilla the topic of conversation by the end I don’t know if he was offering to buy me one? cook me one? or marry me in Granon but I said Si! & in a church??? Ohh maybe I should check the map & keep walkin with my quasi moto hump & fat feet! 🙂 ps updated blister pic attached …the worst of 8 haha ! Don’t view if of a weak disposition lol! Buen Camino xxx






  1. andrea hutton permalink

    Ooch yr blister looks fierce, 🙂 just catching up on yr blog its a good read you are doing gr8 keep going you shud be very proud of yrself xxxxxx

  2. Seán permalink

    Sweet baby Jesus that’s the mother of all blisters there! Hope that new Spanish husband is a good foot masseur!

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