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Snores with silver linings!

June 6, 2012

Early rise with the moon to avoid the snores gave me a beautiful start to my day! I walked into the sunrise as I bade a fond farewell to the beautiful , all be it hilly!, Basque country. Ahead the rolling fields of la Rioja lay ahead in acres & acres of lush green vines not yet in fruit. It must be quite a sight for any caminoite in October. Now me I’m no connoisseur of the bottled grape, mine comes with a £10 Marksies meal deal… & is chosen not on flavour but on the pretty shape of the bottle. But I’m sure I have a Rioja in my cupboard.:-) company today ranged from breakfast with a New Zealand & an Australian, lunch with Swiss & German & walking a few km in the company of a cute young Italian Mario ( pic attached for girls in surgery as promised) he had lived in London so his English was good which helped me loadz! & quite the gent when he gave me his walking sticks to get up a very steep hill. ( I really wish I’d spent more time in the language rooms in school & less in the domestic science kitchen cooking for parents nites, open days and of course the bishop! ) i could talk about pasta, strudel & swiss cheese… But not a big help out here on the camino. Heading into Logrono the kilometres were shared in deep discussion with a gent from Cologne & how he abhorred the history of his country.advising me to read a book “the wave” 🙂
Today Navarette was my target but it was 34 degrees & every part of me was melting. Blisters had blisters & the road after lunch had no shade! Spanish were jogging past me like eejits, but then who was I with a heavy rucksack strapped to my body, to think they were daft. They don’t come much dafter than an Irish smurf walking 20 km in 34degrees!!!! Buen Camino xx

















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