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364 to go!

June 6, 2012

End of week one! Walked 135 miles! 5 shy off the 140 planned, but 3 days in 34 degree heat wasn’t in my plan lol! Nor were the eight blisters I’ve just dressed ….. But hey I left the plan at home! The fun of the camino is the ” no plan theory” I left my watch at home so I’ve no concept of time & I never feel the need to refer to my phone clock. I rise with the sun, I stop for food when I’m hungry & I crawl into my sleeping bag when I can do no more 🙂 Week one has taken me over the Pyrenees, thru the Basque hills, across the Rioja vineyards and I’m now chilling in an albergue in Azofra on the way to Santo Domingo de Calzada or beyond tomoro! 🙂 Today is a good Albegue. I’ve had a few questionable establishments but I’d give 4 outta the 7 nights the thumbs up. A clean bunk bed & a hot shower, so good enough for my weary feet. As for the rest of me? My shoulders struggle the last few km daily with the rucksack weight. I tighten straps, i loosen straps, but really all I want to do is throw it straps & all off the mountain top lol! Ive become sooooo low maintenance I think i could live outta my bum-bag. Cause really what do I need? Clean nics, a toothbrush my Olay & suncream. & finally, if no one tells my mum I think I mite have taken heat exhaustion twice!!! If shivering & dizzy in 34 degrees is symptomatic lol! 🙂 But hey I can’t complain as my adventure has taken me to beautiful places & I’ve met beautiful people. I’ve spent hours in company & ive spent hours alone & I’ve even talked to my oasis lol! We have a mutual respect for each other… They’ll look after my blisters if I promise NEVER again to walk 50 km+ in one day! So all in all i think week one has gone well & I’ve earned £1.35 for the cancer centre from all my sponsors. I’ve left 135 pennies along the camino & I’ve been cheered on thru txts & e mails from my kids, family & friends alike. I received a lovely e mail from Somalia encouraging my feet well, I’ve had an e mail from my Sligo mate suggesting I should have brought my vacuum to suction pack my sleeping bag…. Not one of ur brighter ideas Sean!!! Lol! & when I blogged I was homesick my wee mate Max (keith) foned to lift my spirit! Perfect timing 🙂 So I’m still walking “My Way” to Santiago … I can’t promise il manage all 500 but stick with me as I’m going to have a damn good try. 🙂 xxx. Ps Thanx for taking the time to read my Penny Mile Camino blog sofar! It’s great to know ur all behind me! …..but any chance ud take the weight of the rucksack while ur back there??? lol! C u all tomoro for the start of week 2 xxx Buen Camino!








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