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The nite perils :-)

June 5, 2012

Bedtime on the camino can be very perilous. First u have to navigate a bunk bed which doesn’t carry sides on top. One wrong turn u & sleeping bag land back in St Jean pied on a stretcher! Peril two; sharing ur tiny shorts & vest top pj’s with completely strange men. Some females less shy than myself walk about in a state of undress. me on the other hand get myself into knots undressing & re dressing without being seen. actually drawing more attention to myself, especially when in my haste I end up back to front. But the final & the greatest peril of all ….. The snorer! 🙂 last nite I thought I was sleeping on runway one at heathrow. The Spanish gent in the lower bunk could have been served with an noise abatement order. Usually very tolerant of the snorers this past few nights, last night I found myself wondering if Spain still had the death penalty for murder! Looking around at my fellow in mates I soon realised I was not the only one looking at the spare pillow lol! 🙂 So take my pick with the perils of the dark? do I fall off top bunks & break my neck? do I strangle my neck on my back to front vest top? or does my neck swing from a rope for reducing noise pollution in the basque mountains 🙂 emmmmh! Anyone know a good lawyer???? Buen Camino xx ps. It’s now 4.59 & I seriously don’t believe I’m doing this but I’m getting up to leave the roaring jumbo 747 to his lower bunk…. the prospect of the silence of the basque mountains far more inviting to the ears lol! Maybe a little siesta under a tree later eh! 🙂

  1. Seán permalink

    Love these blogs ca. Hope you got to take a snooze in the shade of a welcoming tree today.

  2. Bernadette permalink

    This is the only way I can keep up with you. I’m tired just reading about your adventures!!! Well done my friend x

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