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Medicinal Wine ;-)

June 4, 2012

Day 5.. Woke a wee bit homesick! So I wrapped myself in my dads gardening jacket & gave myself a hug :-)) I left the empty streets of Estella & headed for guess… The mountain!! But I had a giggle at the bottom when I saw a free fountain of red wine from the Bodegas for the pilgrims!! A kind new Zealand headmaster shared his shell with me as mine was too tightly tied to rucksack. 6.30 a sip of red wine :-)) well before the brush r the yard r whatever it was my dad use to say against drinking b4 midday lol! But think even he would have broken that rule 🙂 onward the road forked.. High road or low road. I went high headmaster went low! He saw my angel on rucksack & said her & my dad would be with with… Sweet! 🙂 I made the right call! for 2 hrs I walked alone thru a Spanish forest that looked like Cavehill. I whispered a wee “I love u” to Ciara Aisling Sinead James Paul & Conor my grown up pearls & felt loadz less homesick! 🙂 it was a beautiful walk thru the hills & farming country of Spain. I fell in with 4 Belgium gents who laughed when they discovered the mysterious penny caminoite! They’d seen all these pennies the whole way lol! Polite conversation was made over coffee then I went on my way. Dropping in with me a few km along they sang ” it’s a long way to Santiago” before I dropped back, only to re meet in Los Arcos. They stayed, i I needed to go further, so they waved me off. 🙂 the camino is like that! 🙂 If I was sitting in Clements on Botanic Ave no one would say hello but when I sit alone having a coffee up high in a mountain retreat somewhere in Spain I am greeted by complete strangers as if I was a friend. People I will see once & never again. But for that moment in time we share wine r coffee r water! Camino Magic! 🙂 a great cure for homesickness :-)) xx Buen camino!













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