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March to a different drumbeat! :-))

June 4, 2012

This blog carries a health warning! Pictures not to be viewed before eating!!! 🙂 Germans walk the camino with a rhythm worthy of an army. Steady strong steps in time with their sticks. Their rucksack neat tidy precise 🙂 French walk with ease & grace rucksacks stylish but understated 🙂 the Spanish seem to prefer 2 wheels rucksack giving way to 2 saddle bags neatly hiding their camel water bag 🙂 the Dutch also favour the bike but a pushbike laden with bits & bobs their attire big shirts bigger shorts topped of with a cute Dutch cap 🙂 then there’s me! My rucksack has more things hanging off it than a rag & bone mans cart of olde. Hats coats shoes water bottles scarves! As for my march it is more like the walk of a constipated chicken! Advised to take the rucksack weight on my bum I have to stick it out as god failed to bestow on me a cute j lo butt. Follow up the back my shoulders awkwardly try to share the load. On the plus side I’m looking good for avoiding a dowagers hump. Then follow to the feet … (pic as proof)! My gait is more that off the ugly duckling rather than swan lake? But pain considered I do my best 🙂 memo to all those who recommended Vaseline …… It DOESN’T work 🙂 so I march to my own little beat cause let’s face it we will all end up at the same destination whatever tune we hum 🙂 xx ps threw in my 5* lodgings along with my right & left foot just to make u feel really sori for me. lol! 🙂 But hey it has a hot shower & a very cute Aussie in the next bunk …. So I’m still smiling 🙂 Buen camino xx







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