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Compeed Comfort!

June 2, 2012

Woke 5am with two very fat feet! More haste less speed comes to mind. So compeed here there & everywhere I squeeze my now size 7 feet into my wee size 4s! Baby steps outta pamplona & a pit stop for brekkie .. Coffee croissant & freshly squeezed orange to get me up today’s mountain. Not quite the Pyrenees but with fat feet it felt like Everest! Damon ( French gent day 1) caught up with me & was very impressed at my day 2 madness. Walking like a toddler I ushered him to go on… Poor fella will begin to think I’m lookin rid. But I really needed to go thru this pain barrier alone. But I was rewarded with iron pilgrims & a spectacular view 🙂 could no one have told these pilgrims to carry St James along a river… No they must have said ” look there’s another mountain let’s take him over it” thanks pilgrims for that 🙂 downhill my feet were now sized 10s so I said ” come on angels lift my feet” they went one better … We were swarmed with a trillion black flies for about 5 km … ! that took my mind of my feet. Blister? What blisters? We were coping with a plague of flies 🙂 so today Day 3 I’ve a gentle 27 km walked! Grand total 104 km … Compeed 104 pieces! 🙂 now I’m sitting outside my albergue in somewhere? But it’s very beautiful! Awaiting my pilgrims grub. Feeling very tired, very hungry, very sore, but very happy! Think that may be due to having a foot break lying in a beautiful poppy field! Buen camino! Xx





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