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Climb every mountain!

May 31, 2012

Day 1!!! 6,45 start outta St Jean pied cause much as I hoped to go round r thru the Pyrenees I soon found out I’d to go over them! Mist heavy visibility poor but onward & UPWARD!! All 1500 metres for :-)) but not to be put of I sang “climb every mountain” to myself!! But that was soon replaced by “I was lost in France” when I couldn’t see my hand never mind a fellow rucksack. But I was rewarded for my effort at the top. The sun came out & i was above the clouds 🙂 Four pit stops 2 litres water 1 juice 1 coke and scorching sun later I’ve got myself a very cosy bed in the monastery at Roncevalles.. Sharing my cubicle with an Italian a korean & a Canadian. Could get use to this monastic life!! & free wi- fi thrown in so 2 blogs going at once lol! One small problem I’m a wee bit shy of my 20 miles planned. But it was all uphill & it was no cavehill? It was not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure 🙂 so I’m here with a few pennies more than planned but have attached proof of penny mile 🙂 now to go find food.. This mountain air doesn’t half give u an appetite .. Buenos noctes mis amigos! Xxx






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