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Bed-bugs & butterflies!

May 29, 2012

Couldn’t sleep last nite! I think packing my rucksack (all 5kg of it) suddenly made my adventure real :-)) or maybe it was reading an article about a crazy lady doing a mad walk in our local Irish News paper & realised ” that’s me”!!! Thanks Anne (Hailes) for your support “Very much appreciated”! Packing needed to be done! I was leaving in 36hrs & for a week my spare room bed had been covered with clothes which changed as often as the irish weather (& my mind) but now decisiveness was called for! So after work my daughter was assigned the bundle “don’t need it don’t take it” While I was assigned the “take that bundle”. She won! Her pile on the bed was massive mine could fit into my pockets ….no matter how much I pleaded with her for one extra pair of shorts …I just wasn’t gonna get them :-)) so my little “take that” minus the lovely gary, mark, howard & jason was squashed into my teeny rucksack ready to be my entire life for the next 24days (27 counting travel) & I’m writing my disclaimer now for anyone on my return flight home… If I resemble a very smelly, war weary, bag lady all complaints to a girl called Aisling.. My beautiful daughter 🙂 …….. So now to peel myself out from this soft cosy fluffy bed with it’s loads of soft cosy fluffy pillows & its crisp clean cream linen (not shared by any bed bugs) for the 2nd last time! Full day in work to sort & loads of goodbyes to be done before the bed bugs & butterflies are for real! 24 hours Countdown Camino!!!! 🙂 xx

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