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The beginning?

May 27, 2012





Where is the beginning? Is it the official signpost in St Jean de pied, is it my front door or does my camino start here at the top of the Cavehill…. In 3 days when i finish work I leave for Spain but today I prepared to take a
little bit of my Ireland with me. First i lift a small white pebble from the mountain stream, dry if off & slip it into my pocket to await its new home at the foot of the great iron Camino cross. Then courtesy of a cute courting couple picnicking on napoleons nose i seek out photographic evidence of the first steps of my camino. I fons exchanged we give each other strict instructions NOT to take a step back & we click merrily! They were easy subjects to photograph as they hugged each other above a sunny Belfast. His task though was not to be so? as we quickly realised my worzel gummage hair was obliterating the entire Antrim coast & possibly the mull of kintyre … So we thought it best i sit down for my 2nd photo shoot :-)) pleasantries exchanged & phones returned to their rightful owners I leave them to their cuddles on the Cavehill. Flicking mine back to I pod mode I head down the hill humming along to a tune buzzing with excitement that the first stage of my Camino has actually begun!! Xxx now to pack!! :-)))

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