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Hugs on the Cavehill :-))

May 20, 2012

Today 3ft from the edge of Napoleons nose I sit in contemplative mood. This big stone hill wraps itself around Belfast in a big stone hug. The hill that hid Henry Joy McCracken from the redcoats, the hill that kept irish folks safe in the blitz as they watched their city blaze, the hill that now gives me sanctuary.

Through the trees below i see my dads house with his car now dormant in the driveway and a little tear trickles down my cheek. It is almost 1yr from my heart broke into un-fixable pieces. In 35days I will reach the end of my Camino but I will also reach the end of the saddest year of my life.  So today wrapped in his gardening jacket i hug myself tight close my eyes & hope he will hug me back from somewhere up in that great vast sky above my head.

then I hear what he would say … ” Lets go for a short stretch of the legs”.

so i wipe away my tears knowing that in 10days il do that just for him…….. xxx.

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