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GROW….new friends :-)))

May 13, 2012

Today I left the oasics under the bed and headed for my wellies in the shed. Smiling at my pretty daisy filled lawn and overgrown hedge this grey May morning I jumped in the car and head off to the Waterworks park on the interface of north Belfast. Tucked in a corner of what was once wasteland a small GROW group of volunteers are working  hard to develop a community garden. I only joined a few short weeks ago but already im greeted as one of the gang. So instead of giving my own little patch of Ireland a much-needed make-over I lift a spade from the GROW greenhouse and I join in the work detail for an early sunday morning of craic & banter. Now im no Charlie Dimmock but as a willing novice I enthusiastically dig the beds ready for sowing under the watchful eye of Justin & Siobhan who unlike me, definitely know what they’re doing…….

Growing spuds, peas, beans, strawberries, gooseberries,  growing muscles for carrying my rucksack,  but do you know what was best of all about setting my clock to rise early this Sunday morning im friends. xxx

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