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“Hablo muy poco espanol”

May 12, 2012

Oasics away….. today its time for the brain cells to do the exercise.

To say my o’ level spanish is rusty is giving rust a bad name.  I never could roll my tongue around those sweet sounding spanish verbs. Personally i blame my lisp. It is an impossible feat to have your tongue caught between your front teeth while rolling it into a spanish curl……. if you don’t believe me try saying  “como esta” with an irish lisp….. just doesn’t cut it.

So today im clenching my teeth, rolling my tongue and causing complete chaos in my mouth but it has to be done.  I cant walk the walk without talking the talk.

It’s either that or be-friend an english speaking Spaniard to be my voice for  24 days,  but that’s cheating, so not an option. Well unless he happens to be Antionio Banderos …… I might just be persuaded to stick with him 😉 then again Melanie might not approve lol!

so back to basics…Hola! Donde esta hospital? tengo ampollas!!!  xxx

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