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fickle feet!

May 5, 2012

today the post arrived with my new trainers…. a sense of guilt overwhelmed me as i excitedly open the box as my old friends lay dis-guarded under the bed. my new size 4s not to be had in any sports shop had winged their way thru the postal waves to my front door. after a 3day wait i peeked under the lid…..

not again ….PURPLE! my least favourite colour had sought me out once more! why was this colour following me around? first my rucksack now my trainers??

so with a willing to embrace i googled purple……..

a colour of good judgement, a colour for persons seeking spirituality, a colour for meditation, a colour for peace, a colour symbolizing mystery.

it will help re-balance your life, remove obstacles, calm over-activity and help you use your imagination to its fullest.

Thursday’s colour… purple. the day i leave!

OK I’m in!…….. just paint me purple and lets get going :-)) though I’m not sure even purple can remove the obstacle called the Pyrenees which i think might just be in my way lol!


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