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demise of my Oasics

May 1, 2012

A sad day for my feet! the little size 4s that have trekked with me through the red soils of Africa, nearly drown in the Mekong river of Asia, pounded the streets of Belfast in their 7mile marathon relay and climbed the Cavehill weekly to mc Arts fort, snow, rain, storm or sun….. have breathed their last……..

yesterday a painted baby toenail peeked thru a war weary trainer. pretty maybe when adorning a dainty pair of sandals with its fellow toes… but this sighting warned of eminent disaster. my Osiacs have walked their last.

too tired to tred the Camino, too smelly for any recycle bin my old friends will be put out to pasture……..

maybe i should consider bronze dipping??

but as they retire onto the paths of old age i have 30days to seek a worthy replacement. so with a heavy heart i seek out the young Osaics. gelled up, pumped up, brightly stripped, ready to carry my feet over 500miles of Spanish terrain….

but as we take each step we will always spare a though for their predecessors…… “Osiacs are dead… long live the Oasics”!

now where did i put my compeed for the irish blisters il earn breaking these bad boys in before the 30th…… :-))))

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