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a short stretch of the legs!

April 21, 2012

Looking quickly at the calendar i realise i have only 40 days before i put one foot on the first mile of my 500 mile Camino de Santiago ; the way of St James….. my trek across northern Spain!

Why? you might ask……. Answer ….. Why not!

i can live life sitting on my hands or i can put trainers on my feet and head off on the adventure of a lifetime.

anyone who knows me knows my hands are never to be found under my butt and my feet are often to be found travelling through Africa or Asia building or nursing.

well now its Europes turn! in just over a month i will slide my rucksack into the overhead locker of my Easyjet flight to France, slip my passport into my bum bag with a few euros and tighten my oasics laces for a wonderous journey and im writing to invite you all to join me….

follow my blog of madness

and maybe sponsor my Penny Miles on my ” just giving site” for the friends of the cancer centre. il get the blisters they get ur pennies………

every mile i will leave a little copper penny on your behalf and the 500th will go at the foot of St.James in Santiago de Compostela.

yours will go to the Friends of the Cancer Centre to help those on their cancer journey.

i have 24 days to follow the many flecha amarillos and shell signs until i reach my final destination on the day ” 24th June”, one year ago i lost my beautiful dad!

he held my hand when i took my first steps…. now i will hold his memory in my heart and every step will be for him and all those who lost their battle to this disease.

i hope u come along and keep me company! ca x :-))))

  1. Elizabeth permalink

    I was just introduced to this amazing journey and plan to take it next year. ( I turn 50, female and would have no problems doing it alone, although the girlfriend that told me about it will be joining me.)
    I live on Vancouver Island British Columbia,
    So I would like to know where you flew into in France and as much information you have to provide would be awesome. I have glanced over your blog and your writing style is one I enjoy. I just don’t want to “see” or “read” too much, as I want my experience to be one of “first time awe inspiring”
    I’m sooo excited for this journey!!

    • Hi Elizabeth!
      Thanks for your e mail & lovely comments.
      You will get so much from this walk on so many levels just embrace the entire experience. Get up with the dawn go to bed with the sun & enjoy every step you walk along the way…….
      Any help I can be just e mail
      Dip in & out of blog for help as I kept it accurate to time & place ….. It won’t put you off as everyone has their own unique experience :-))
      To start I flew into Biarritz got the bus from airport to town centre of Bayonne & found the train station ( bus leaves you virtually across the road) then a train to st jean pied de port!
      Follow the rucksacks with shells, you can’t get lost :-))
      I had a few hours wait for the 6pm train as they don’t travel very frequently but got to know people while we all waited…
      From st jean its good feet you need!
      Buen camino x

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